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Stacey Adams

Hi there! Ten years ago, I left my job as an elementary school teacher, picked up a camera, and fell head over heels for photography. With 3 little ones at home, I found such joy in documenting the simple moments of our days - even more so when I learned video. From the start of my business more than 4 years ago, I've focused on the moments that speak to our hearts - the ones that show our personalities and connections, and remind us how beautiful our real lives really are. My client work encompasses newborn days, the birth experience, and family life. I also freelance for Edible magazine and shoot stories in the culinary world for them each month. I live in Albuquerque and shoot all over New Mexico (and occasionally outside of NM!). The part of me that loves teaching and encouraging growth still burns bright. I’d love to support you in creating deeper film magic through helping you build technical skills, find your artistic vision, and work with clients.

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