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Stacey Adams and Heather Eijzenga

Hi! We're Stacey and Heather, and we love creating - and selling - meaningful family films. Stacey is located in Albuquerque, New Mexico and primarily shoots in-home sessions with newborns and families with young children. Heather is located in Oahu, Hawaii and is an adventure photographer, who shoots families having fun together at the beach.

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I married my (almost) high school sweetheart right out of college, and in our 9 years of marriage we tore down my childhood home, built a new farmhouse, & became a family of 5! Motherhood is my main gig, but I feel fortunate to “have my cake & eat it too!” I’ve been a home video enthusiast since the days of shoulder mount VHS recorders, learning at an early age how priceless videos become when the loved ones in them are no longer with us. I began my videography journey with birthday parties and family sessions, and have now been shooting weddings professionally for over 5 years. My approach to wedding videography is to capture the day as if it is a home movie (because it is!), NOT a Hollywood production. I want people to watch their wedding film in 20 years and feel like the essence of themselves, their family and friends was magically bottled up in the most authentic way.

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The dates I'm available are: Sept - May.  December 17-28th I'm not available.

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